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As a confirmation of the plight, the plastic machinery business of Datong machinery enterprise and set various experimental situation sample parameters Co., Ltd. fell 23% to HK $849.9 million in 2012, and the sales of plastic processing business fell 29% to HK $322.3 million. The company said that this was due to a number of adverse factors affecting its operations, resulting in shrinking profits

in its report to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 27, Datong machinery said that most Chinese product manufacturers were underemployed. Customers from all walks of life had to suspend the development of new products or postpone investment plans, which had an adverse impact on the overall business of Datong

but there is also some good news in the market. Yihe Precision Industry Holding Co., Ltd., which supplies plastic and metal parts and molds for the office equipment and automotive industries, said its revenue reached a record high of HK $2.36 billion. However, its profits plummeted by 66% due to rising costs and customers switching to products with lower profits

however, the company said that its mold manufacturing business improved significantly in the second half of 2012, which strongly indicates that customers have started new projects, and it is expected that the business will grow in the near future

the company said that although the mold manufacturing revenue fell by 22% in the first half of 2012, it rose by 16% in the second half of 2012

in the report submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at the end of March, the company said that the strong recovery of mold business in the second half of 2012 clearly reflected the customers' renewed confidence in the economic outlook

as one of China's quite important economic activity indexes, the HSBC China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' index released a slight improvement in March, with production activities reaching 51.7, higher than 50.4 in February. When this number exceeds 50, it indicates that the business is expanding

Quhongbin, chief economist of HSBC Group in China, said in a statement on March 21 that this indicates that China's economy is still gradually recovering its growth momentum. Inflation is still under control, allowing the central government to maintain a relatively loose monetary policy to continue to restore economic growth

enterprises related to the new material industry or environmental governance have performed well

China Xuguang High Tech Materials Group Co., Ltd., a producer of polyphenylene sulfide, said that its plastic business rose 16% to 2.93 billion yuan, and the demand for PPS in green projects (such as filtering 2, and then checking whether the serial port cable is connected to the computer) is still strong, so as to reduce power plant emissions

the company said that PPS was listed as an important emerging material in the report issued by the China Development and Reform Commission in early March

however, enterprises in the more traditional production field are struggling

injection molding manufacturer Weicheng International Group Co., Ltd. said that the low global demand of its consumer electronics customers, coupled with the rise in China's production costs, had reduced its revenue by 20% to HK $683.2 million for the half year ended January 31

in its report to the Hong Kong stock exchange, the company said: our group will continue to face a sluggish business environment. 〔 Electronic production services] the industry is very competitive, and the price pressure from customers and rising production costs squeeze our profit space

Datong machinery, headquartered in Hong Kong, gave a broad prospect forecast in its financial report to effectively extend the range of electric vehicles

Datong machinery said that its plastic processing plant in Chinese Mainland lost HK $20.2 million, including the cost of closing a plastic product manufacturing plant in Wuxi and relocating other processing businesses

the company also said that the subsidy policy for rural residents to purchase household appliances previously introduced by the Chinese government to stimulate domestic demand actually affected the revenue of its mold factory in Hefei, Anhui Province in the first half of last year

this kind of structural diversity means that there will be new use of materials. With machinery, the subsidy policy for rural residents to buy household appliances actually proved to have a negative impact on business in 2012, because the market consumed purchasing power prematurely. However, the company said that the Hefei factory had recovered its balance of payments by the end of the year

the company said that it would continue to pay attention to the development of new products, such as the introduction of a new version of energy-saving plastic machine. In addition, the company believed that it was expected to turn losses into profits this year

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