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Research and application of NCSIMUL in aircraft landing gear machining

in the actual NC machine tool machining process, in order to verify the correctness of the NC program, it is often necessary to carry out one or more trial cuts. At the same time, the NC processing parameters also need to be constantly debugged until it is confirmed that the NC program can meet the predetermined processing requirements. This not only wastes resources and is inefficient, but also may cause economic losses due to collision or interference in the operation process. NCSIMUL can accurately simulate the real machining process and avoid accidents by defining machining elements such as machine tools, blanks, cutters and fixtures, and running actual machining programs. Next, we use a case of an aircraft landing gear to understand the application of NCSIMUL simulation in practice

due to its complex structure, high hardness, high accuracy requirements and expensive materials, the bearings at both ends of the shaft have been filled with oil in many sequences when leaving the factory. In order to ensure every step is safe, a good simulation software verification program is required, and the following requirements are put forward:

a. the construction of 3D model of machine tool and the matching of controller and machine tool parameters

b. simulation of probe

c. simulation of angle cutter head

d. conversion of workbench

e. establishment of tool library

f. browsing of program information and processing detection

according to customer requirements and product characteristics, the simulation steps are as follows

(1) start to create a new work, start NCSIMUL 8.7, and create a new work task in which all elements necessary for simulation can be added, such as machine tool, controller, fixture, tool library, workpiece, program, etc

(2) the friction wheel surface in the virtual gearbox shall not be oiled or splashed with oil. The NC machine tool is modeled in NCSIMUL, and the ncmotion module is used to build the kinematic model of the machine tool. Therefore, the construction tree model of the machine tool can be established first, and then the geometric model can be established to obtain the simulation model of the machine tool

(3) the specified machine tool control system file calls NCSIMUL 8.7, which has integrated the Siemens SINUMERIK 840D system. NCSIMUL software itself provides nearly 100 NC system files, including various NC systems from two coordinates to five coordinates, from FANUC, Heidenhain to Simens, which can fully meet the needs of practical applications

(4) tool library modeling add a tool library to define all the tools for processing the product. The types can include milling tools, turning tools, boring tools, thread milling tools, probes, etc. because the customer requires discrete small head tool simulation of 3D angle data, it is necessary to build a 3D model of angle head

(5) the main purpose of workpiece blank and fixture modeling is to detect the interference and collision between the fixture and other moving parts of the machine tool. The blank and fixture modeling can be built by using the modeling tools provided by NCSIMUL itself, or the models built by other CAD software can be imported through the interface provided by NCSIMUL

(6) macro program specifies that NCSIMUL can support subroutines or macro programs. These programs are directly copied from the machine tool, placed in a specific directory and directly decoded. Although the customer has accumulated hundreds of subroutines, the operation is particularly simple

(7) start simulation NCSIMUL has a variety of controls for the speed display of simulation, including continuous simulation, jump simulation, fast simulation without displaying intermediate process, and flexible setting of breakpoints for program debugging

(8) simulation information feedback. Through the above steps, all customer needs have been met, and all processing related information such as processing time, radius compensation, processing origin, program error, collision error, measurement comparison and so on have been obtained in the corresponding toolbar. Due to the simulation, the customer avoided a potential collision accident between the angle tool handle and the fixture. The reason for the accident is that the tool handle is different from the ordinary tool handle, and the spatial position is difficult to judge

other processing issues such as probe, overcut, rapid processing, etc. the exhibition focuses on new processes and utilization issues based on thermosetting and thermoplastic matrix materials

to sum up, NCSIMUL software is used to simulate NC machining, and its importance in practical application is verified. It can solve the problems of over cutting and under cutting in NC programming and actual manufacturing processing, as well as the collision between tools, workpieces and machine tool parts and fixtures, reduce material consumption and production cost, and improve work efficiency. As an important development direction in the future, NC machining simulation can further improve the simulation accuracy and efficiency, and is conducive to the integration of manufacturing systems, which will play a great role in promoting the informatization of China's manufacturing industry. (end)

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