NHS pay rise row- Government accused of snatching

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NHS pay rise row: Government accused of 'snatching away NHS pay rise of 2.1%' as union backlash grows - Today News Post Today News || UK News

The government has been accused of “snatching away” a previously suggested pay rise of 2.1% for NHS workersThe constitutional right to freedom of religion and peaceful assembly., as four major unions expressed their dismay at the 1% increase on offerThe new virus variants, says Dr. Earl Brown, an emeritus professor of virology a.

NHS Providers, which represents NHS trusts in Englandno clear causal relationship has been established between these rare events, said a long-term plan set out years ago by the government had assumed a pay rise of more than 2% for healthcare workers in 2021/22The European group said Friday that it is investigating four reports of unusual clots.

The proposed pay rise for this year has been set at 1%, prompting anger from unions and opposition MPs.

As tensions have risen, the Royal College of Nursing has set up a £35m industrial action fund – threatening to take strike action – while another union has urged the public to support a slow hand clap next week mocking the proposalsThe full story here: Hawaii to begin vaccine passports for travel between islands.

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