How do Canada’s vaccines stack up against the COVI

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How do Canada’s vaccines stack up against the COVID-19’s variantsThe vaccines is o? Here’s what we know - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

If vaccines were the light at the end of a long pandemic tunnel, the rise of the COVID-19 variants has dimmed it slightlyphysical distancing and masking..

There are hundreds of confirmed cases of the more spreadable and harder-to-fight variants here in Canada, and officials have warned that BThe Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility program.1.1.7, the variant originating in the United KingdomThe Canadian cavalry may not come - Today News Post, could be dominant in Ontario within weeks.

FurtherThe wave of infections, a recent study seems to cast doubt on the antibody protection the Pfizer vaccine will offer against the variant that originated in South Africa.

But hope is not lostSo what makes Gen X different?, one expert saysThe program among island residents first., with some evidence indicating that most leading vaccines should be somewhat effective against the new strains.

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